Hey-hey, I’m Jane. 😀
I love to paint, draw, handletter, create designs and illustrations.



Drawing always has been a passion for me since I can hold a pencil. Beside scribbling on paper I had my first experiences in digital art at the age of three, and loved to explore the possibilities in a simple program called DeluxePaint for the Amiga500.


As I was getting older and still passionate about art, I started taking it more serious in 2006, inspired by my favorite fantasy artist Linda Bergkvist, who created wonderful realism fairytale stories and illustrations. From that time on I did a lot of experimental studies and discovered my love for portraits.


I highly love the freedom of digital art and gathered a variety of skills in different styles throughout the years: be it some fun little silly drawings, vector art or illustrational paintings and still lifes.


At the end of 2016 I started handlettering as a new fun way to express and also motivate myself, mostly due inspirational quotes.


I live in Paderborn, Germany.




Some facts about me:


#left-handed #I have a clone ♡ (twin sister)
#born in autumn #gamer #typography nerd

#fascinated by thunder and other natural phenomena
#nature-lover #pet-owner (2 Degus)
#cyclist #tough mudder finisher (3 × full, 1 × half)

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Hi, I’m Jane!
I’m an artist from Germany and love to paint, draw, letter, design and illustrate.